A South African Hospital Plan as a Stepping Stone to Healthcare Cover

//A South African Hospital Plan as a Stepping Stone to Healthcare Cover
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Acquiring full medical cover for your entire family has become obscenely expensive with monthly combined premiums that can veer close to your Bond repayments. While it may seem unjustifiable to be paying exorbitant amounts for the “guarantee” of medical services, it remains essential to have some degree of health insurance in South Africa. Hospital Plan RSA is the ideal stepping stone into affordable medical insurance, with the safeguard that your medical bills will be covered should you require hospitalisation. No matter how healthy you may deem yourself to be, you cannot foresee a sudden hospitalization, the consequences of which can have far reaching financial implications.


Basic Health Insurance in uncertain Economic Times

With the current economic uncertainty, rising inflation and civil unrest, family budgets are being closely scrutinized for any opportunity to cut back on expenses. South African citizens who are strongly considering leaving their medical aid scheme are now finding a comfortable middle-ground by cancelling their policies and downsizing to a hospital plan. In effect, it allows you to closely monitor your your primary healthcare expenses but remain covered against an unforeseen hospital emergency. Credible Hospital Plans offer a daily cash payout that offsets the cost of medical bills, payable from your first day of admission.


Choosing a Hospital Plan that plugs the gap in potential Income Loss

Being hospitalized is a tough situation in its own right – without a reliable hospital plan in RSA, the financial pain of medical bills and out of pocket medical expenses can pose a more long-term negative impact. Day 1 Health bridges that income gap by offering a range of tailored hospital plans, underwritten by African Unity Life Limited, which provide an in-hospital illness benefit payable from your first day in admission. Depending on the plan you choose, benefits are extended to accident benefit, funeral benefit and 24 hour emergency support, to facilitate your admission. Apply Online Today and step on board to affordable and reliable healthcare.


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