A Hospital Plan In RSA You Can Afford

//A Hospital Plan In RSA You Can Afford
Hospital Plan RSA

Section 27 of the South African Constitution states that ‘it is everyone’s fundamental human right to be able to access quality healthcare’. However, for millions of RSA citizens, excessive premiums combined with employment uncertainty means that even the most basic hospital plan RSA is unobtainable. If this is the reality that your family faces, bear with us, as there are encouraging signs that the tide has shifted, with the emergence of low-cost hospital benefit options that place people before profit! By focusing away from the dominant players in the market, progressive South African hospital benefit plans have enhanced the value of their healthcare benefits for every South African, kept operating costs down, while passing the savings on to their members.


Finding a Plan you can Comfortably Remain On

Did we already mention that price is the key factor in choosing to remain on a healthcare package in RSA? The 2016 Healthcare Consumer Survey reported that 41% of survey respondents who left their medical scheme did so as it was no longer affordable.The availability of tailored hospital plans and hospital cash plans at cost-effective monthly contributions allow ordinary South Africans to save on their medical bills while vastly improving health outcomes across the board. Such plans are also inclusive of private hospitals and practitioners, ensuring that you get the best medical attention available without being encumbered with crippling medical bills.  


No longer the Luxury of a Select Few

The provision of affordable healthcare offerings to the public with equal access for all is a basic human right. This is the underlying focus of the new National Health Insurance bill which is being drafted before coming into effect. Day 1 Health represents the perfect working model of this framework, adopting a non-discriminatory entrance to its stated benefit plans combining a solid hospital plan alongside a generous allowance of primary healthcare services at a low monthly premium. From just R385 per month for a Value Plus plan, South African citizens can utilize a hospital plan that assists in covering your expenses from your first day of hospitalization. Our Executive Plan, the perfect substitute for a medical aid scheme, offers extended benefits while reducing healthy customers with an annual reducing premium. Apply Online today to enjoy the benefits of affordable and quality hospital cover. Should the unforeseen ever occur., you’re in safe hands.  

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