Factoring in the potential co-payments incurred through South African Hospital Plans

//Factoring in the potential co-payments incurred through South African Hospital Plans

When considering basic healthcare coverage to protect you and your family, hospital plans RSA are the quintessential low-cost options which help to offset the financial costs of hospitalization. Healthcare is something we simply can’t compromise on, yet the steady increase in medical aid premiums has put increasing strain on household finances. The source of these rising premiums is partly related to the co-payment system This often crippling extra bill, is an amount you must pay above what is determined by your medical aid provider to utilize a specific hospital or specialist. This can be easily overseen when reading the initial T&C’s for various South African hospital plans. Read further to learn how you can avoid these nasty bills and make the most of your hospital plan.


The Importance of Designated Service Providers

A reliable medical aid or insurance provider is one that has established and continues to maintain a network of reputable GP’s, clinics and specialists to its networks (commonly known as Designated Service Providers – DSP’s). Through the agreements put in place, co-payments are not applied and members can enjoy the peace of mind of transparency while they focus on recovery. Should you need an in-hospital procedure, it is equally important to query which South African hospital plans offer the most extensive network of facilities. In the majority of cases, you won’t incur co-payments and enjoy easier admission, treatment and effective rehabilitation. It is highly advised to prioritize network hospitals as much as you can.


Hospital Cover that pays out from the day you are admitted.

Many South African hospital plans pay their members a stated benefit from only their third day of hospital admission. Don’t settle on this shocking waiting period! Day 1 Health as the name proclaims, cushions the costs and subsequent income less of hospitalization, by providing generous cash payouts from your first day of admission (*Benefits vary according to plan option)

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