Hospital Plan RSA – What to expect when reactivating your Cover

//Hospital Plan RSA – What to expect when reactivating your Cover

Hospital Plans in RSA are a necessary expense which can save you substantial costs and stress in the event of an unforeseen emergency or treatment. Due to a wide range of economic reasons, many South Africans face no alternative but to cancel their hospital plan at a certain stage. When the outlook improves and you are in a more comfortable situation to reactivate your hospital cover, you need to be aware of what to expect. Restoring your hospital cover is not as simple as unfreezing a gym membership – restrictions will inevitably apply!. What can you expect if you want to reinstate your hospital plan? Let us guide you through the process.

Why do most people cancel a Hospital Plan/Cover Scheme?

The alarming rate at which RSA citizens have been dropping off their hospital schemes is one of the main factors motivating the urgent reform of SA’s healthcare system and the drafting of the NHI Bill. In order to get a better  understanding of why so many citizens opted out of healthcare coverage, the Department of Health, alongside StatsSA uncovered the following primary reasons for hospital plan in RSA cancellations, captured in the 2016 Demographic and Health Survey.


Reason for leaving Hospital Plan In RSA Percentage
Hospital Plan was no longer affordable 41%
I/my partner changed jobs. 11.6%
I/my partner became unemployed 11.2%
Was on a parents’ medical scheme but then left home 9.3%
I was a Hospital Plan member through a previous employer. When I changed employment, the contributions then became unaffordable 13.1
Other 13.8%


Unsurprisingly, affordability remains the key factor in maintaining a hospital plan. The survey also highlighted the reliance of employer medical contributions to many policyholders.


Reactivating your Hospital Plan/Cover. What’s different from before?

Being able to reactivate your essential hospital plan takes a massive burden off your family’s plate. If you’ve been there and managed to reinstate your cover, we salute you! The most important factor you must realise, is that waiting periods will be reset to zero and apply to you once again. Even though you may have previously been a member, you are now considered a “new member”. Depending on how long you have gone without hospital cover, you will be subject to waiting periods ranging from 3 months up to 12 months for certain specified conditions and treatments.


What Hospital Plans are out there when I’m ready to resume my healthcare cover?

With both large medical aid schemes and medical insurance companies offering a diverse array of hospital plans/cover options, it is worth your while to assess what benefits you cannot compromise on, while eliminating any add-ons you don’t necessarily need.

If you are looking for quality healthcare, an extensive network of hospitals and GP’s, Day 1 Health is your perfect partner to ease the transition back to healthcare coverage. Offering a range of primary healthcare, hospital cover, and combined options, with the added assurance of shorter waiting periods on many benefits, reactivating your hospital plan/cover need not be a painful process. Apply Online Today to make sure you are covered  and to restore peace of mind.

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