The Best Hospital Plan in RSA!

//The Best Hospital Plan in RSA!

Hospital Plan Rsa – Your ideal Entry Level to Healthcare in RSA

A Hospital Plan, as the name suggests, is designed to assist RSA citizens with covering healthcare costs incurred as a result of a hospital visit. Unlike a Day to Day plan, a Hospital Plan Rsa provides you with In-Hospital Illness Cash Benefits from the day you are admitted to hospital until the day you are discharged. A Hospital Plan, while being a limited form of cover, allows any individual with a general clean bill of health to enjoy affordable insurance cover against an unexpected hospital visit.

Who benefits from a Hospital Plan?

Healthcare has become increasingly price-sensitive, with the spiralling costs of private healthcare now outside the reach of many RSA citizens. As such, a Hospital Plan acts as an ideal entry level healthcare package for the younger individual who is generally healthy and may not require a comprehensive medical aid package. For a family member with dependants or an older individual that needs to juggle out of hospital GP and medical expenses, it is recommended to upgrade, for a little extra, to a Comprehensive Plan such as a Value or Platinum Plan. Are you a recent graduate, starting your first job and requiring basic medical cover on a limited disposable income? A Hospital Plan is a more than adequate option at a highly affordable price.

Added Benefits

With Day 1 Health you can choose between a number of hospital plan Rsa benefit options, to suit you and your family’s needs. As a fully accredited health insurance market leader,  Day 1 Health provides In-Hospital Benefit from the day you are admitted, with policies underwritten by African Unity Life Limited. Depending on the Hospital Plan you choose, RSA citizens also stand to enjoy additional benefits such as Accident and Dread Disease Benefit, Death and Funeral Benefit, and the support 24 hour Emergency support through Africa Assist.

Apply Online today to enjoy the peace of mind that you and your family are protected from a crippling financial burden should the unexpected occur.

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