What To Look For In A Hospital Plan

//What To Look For In A Hospital Plan

Signing up for a credible Hospital Plan in RSA is an essential safeguard against any sudden, unplanned events that may require hospital treatment and a follow up recovery programme. Being presented with a large medical bill upon discharge can be financially crippling for most families. With the comfort of a Hospital Plan, a cash amount is payable to you, to offset the personal and medical expenses incurred by your hospital visit.

Being treated in hospital can have far reaching implications. Depending on the level of Hospital Plan you choose, your benefits will extend to Dread Disease Benefit, Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit. Death and Funeral Benefit is also extended to both the principal member and any dependants on the Hospital Plan policy. Pay close attention to the general waiting period from which benefits will take effect. Hospital Plan is not just an exclusive package – it can be purchased together with a Preventative Healthcare Plan (at a discounted rate), extending benefits to doctor’s visits, medication and emergency assistance.

Choosing the right Hospital Plan provider.

A reliable Hospital Plan is one which offers its members a vast network of hospitals with the assurance that your unplanned visit is covered by a host of benefits, allowing you to focus on a quick recovery. With Day 1 Health you can choose between a number of hospital plan benefit options, to suit you and your family’s needs.  Day 1 Health provides In-Hospital Benefit from the day you are admitted. Apply Online today to enjoy the peace of mind of comprehensive Hospital cover at an affordable price.

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